Sneak Peak at Illustrations for Up-Coming Children’s Book

A while ago, my wife Gwynne wrote a children’s book that has been waiting for me to do the illustrations.  I was able to get a start this week, and I have been thoroughly enjoying it!


At this point, I have about half of them done – so I will follow up in my blog with the full text of the story along with the illustrations when it is all complete.  For now, I have posted the illustrations I have done below.  The basic story is about a girl and her father experiencing everyday life while the girl starts to tell fanciful stories.  For example, in the first illustration, the father and daughter are having a picnic on their front stone stoop looking at the garden when the little girl starts her story with: “Once upon a time there was a butterfly, and a balloon, and a flower as fragile as glass”. The idea of the book is to open up the rest of each story for the readers to make up on their own.