Two Articles About my Fine Art Paintings!

For me, painting is a 3-step process:

1)    Come up with an idea for a painting and find the image to go along with that idea. 

2)    Create the painting (!)

3)    Find an audience for the painting

The first 2 steps are typically what is considered the “art” – but finding an audience is an art in itself!  Between social media, website posts and showing in galleries, the challenge is always figuring out how to get the work in front of the largest number of people who may be interested in my paintings.

Most recently, I am excited to say I have a couple of new avenues to find this audience!  Two different web sites have posted articles about my “Canoe Paintings”.  The first is Canoe & Kayak Magazine, which caters to paddling enthusiasts and hopefully will reach a new crowd of people who will enjoy this series of paintings:

The second article is in a blog about artists on the Judson’s Art Outfitter site.  This blog focuses on plein air painters (artists who work outdoors, painting directly from nature) and will hopefully reach some fellow plein air painters and plein air enthusiasts who otherwise would not have seen my work:

I hope you enjoy these articles!  Please share them with anyone who may be interested!!