Five Faux Painted Finishes in Blackstone, MA

My most recent client unfortunately experienced serious damage to their house from a fire this summer.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt and their insurance covered a comprehensive rehab to bring their house back to how it was before the fire.

Part of their “before the fire” state included five different faux-painted finishes in five rooms and three hallways, so the homeowners contractor reached out to me to match all of these finishes!

It was a fun challenge to reverse-engineer how the finishes had been originally done and what colors were used.  While some of the finishes were more “standard” in terms of the technique used, others needed more ingenuity to figure out. 

After a trip to the house with my books of paint swatches, I also spent some time in my studio testing the more tricky finishes to make sure they looked like my client was expecting when I got the paint up on the walls of their house.  I found ways to make my finishes look like the original, while in some cases making them have an even more appealing look.

Once in the house, it was time to see if my prep work was successful.  Because the painter had already come in to do the base coat in each room, I was able to complete roughly a room per day – so it worked out perfectly when the homeowner stopped by at the end of each day and I could make sure I hit the mark!

In the end, both the homeowner and the contractor were thrilled with faux painting I did for them, and after almost 7 months, the homeowner is back in their house to enjoy it!

Below are some pictures of the different faux finishes.  Enjoy!