A Commissioned Painting as a Special Birthday Gift

When I met my client Aubrey this past July, she was already planning a special gift for her boyfriend Vito’s birthday in December!   Aubrey and Vito had a trip to Italy planned for September, where they would be visiting Vito’s hometown of Cirigliano.  Because Vito has a special attachment to Cirigiano and is an art enthusiast, Aubrey decided to have a commissioned painting done of the town to give Vito a present he would cherish.

After returning from Italy, Aubrey shared her pictures from the trip, and we met to review the different images and talk about what she was looking for in her painting for Vito.  We settled on the picture below because it shows the entire town while also capturing the incredible vista surrounding it.  

I did research online to look at other pictures of the town, but I found that the beautiful afternoon light in Aubrey’s picture made it the best source to work from.  In translating the photo to a painting, we decided to eliminate the vegetation in the foreground and to lighten up the image to make the town more visible and emphasize the warm light.

Below is the final 24”x12” painting!  The painting is at the framer and Aubrey is counting the days until she can share this special gift!