A Dog Portrait for Christmas

With the holidays rapidly approaching, my client Sue Ellen found herself in the familiar place of needing to find that special gift for her husband John.

Sue Ellen and John love their pets, and each dog they have had over the years is honored with a picture on their wall.  As Sue Ellen was thinking about how their current (and beloved!) dog Winslow is getting on in years, she thought of taking things to another level and honoring Winslow with a portrait!  Since John is extremely attached to Winslow, Sue Ellen knew this would be the perfect gift.

As she looked through her pictures, her favorite was one that was taken at the vet’s office.  It is a great picture of Winslow, and we decided to use colors from Sue Ellen and John’s living room in the background to make the painting look more like a formal portrait and to put all of the attention on Winslow.  Even better than just a good picture, I also got to meet Winslow! Being able to interact with him (he is super-sweet dog) made it easier and more fun to make sure my painting "captured" him.

I delivered the painting to Sue Ellen today and she loves it - sharing that I "captured his spirit" (a huge compliment)! Now she can’t wait to give it to John (and I can’t wait to hear about his reaction!)