Mural Panel for a Granddaughter's "Room"

When I do my mural work, a big part of the process is understanding my client’s vision for the piece – which was a treat with my latest client Sarah.  Sarah is a proud and loving grandmother who wanted a mural panel to surprise her granddaughter Rachel!

Sarah recently moved to a condo, and when her 23-year old granddaughter visited, she immediately fell in love with the beautiful craftsman-style porch, exclaiming “can this be my room?!”  Of course, a screen porch couldn’t be a dedicated “room” per se, but Sarah took note of Rachel’s enthusiasm.

While Rachel is traveling abroad, Sarah reached out to her interior designer Nancy Elacqua ( with the idea to create a sign for the porch which would say “Rachel’s Room” and incorporate Rachel’s love for ducks.  Nancy reached out to me, and we started by looking at the craftsman style of the porch and Sarah’s affinity for Asian prints.  Below is my first concept sketch, which was intended to be simple, clean and calming, while incorporating some of the Asian influence of Sarah’s prints and the Craftsman style of the porch.

When we met with Sarah to review this, she loved the story about capturing the drama of the moment the duck takes off while still making a piece that is beautiful and serene.  To add to a narrative that Sarah envisioned to go along with the piece, she asked that I add a second duck.

Below is the final 30”x20” mural panel and a shot of it installed on the porch.  Sarah is absolutely thrilled with it and is anxious for Rachel to return to see her surprise!