Helping Communicate Company Branding with Murals

When looking at the range of mural painting I have done, one of the things I enjoy most is the diversity of the things I get to paint! 

My most recent project is a great example of this, as it was different than a lot of the work I usually do.  My client was Mastodon moving in Ashland, MA, and they wanted elevate the look of their warehouse to reflect their company image and mission.  The approach to accomplishing this goal ranged from painting their logo to painting inspirational quotes to giving one wall the look of their website.

Starting with the logo, I collaborated with the owner JJ on the ideal size and placement.  We ended up with a 4’x5’ size that is oriented so his employees and clients see as they enter the front door.  The logo is painted on the wall opposite the door, and it is perfectly framed by the doorway as you walk into the space.  Capping it off, we decided to include their tagline “Moving Beyond Expectation” just above the logo to highlight the importance of Mastodon’s goal to be better than any other moving company.

Immediately next to the logo, JJ wanted to include their mission statement to set the stage for what clients and employees should expect as they walk (figuratively and literally) into Mastodon moving!

Staying with the theme of painting motivational lines on the walls of the warehouse, there were 3 more locations where JJ wanted quotes to help keep his team motivated and focused on being the best.  One of these quotes is positioned above the desk of his office manager, while the others are strategically placed over the doorways as you leave the main section of the warehouse, and another as you walk out door on the way to take care of a client move!

Finally, there is one large wall in the warehouse where a 20’x7’ section of raised wall is framed by a recessed section that surrounds it.  To add visual interest to this large space while keeping consistent with their branding, we decided to replicate the look of the background on Matstodon’s website.  JJ and his team are still brainstorming what they want to paint on the large “canvas” of raised wall that is now framed by this background – so more is to come on this project!