Swirl-Patterned Gold Ceiling in Newton, MA

My most recent client Jessica found me online when considering options for a creating a dynamic gold treatment for the ceiling in her office.  As it turns out, Jessica is an interior designer, so she already had a great idea for what she wanted – including a swirl pattern to really accentuate how the gold paint catches the light.

Thanks to Heather Bourgeios, a fantastic Sherwin-Williams rep I have worked with, I was aware of a product called Crescent Bronze that was a great fit for this project!  This paint has actual metal fleck in it that makes it perfect for accomplishing Jessica’s goal of optimizing how the paint reflects light in interesting ways.

To create a deep, rich look, I started by painting a smooth finish of gold over the entire ceiling.  Once this was dry, I went back to paint my second coat- but with this coat, I used my 4-inch brush to lightly sweep in the swirl pattern after rolling out the paint. The metal fleck in the paint makes it “directional” – meaning the direction in which you apply it will catch the light differently – so this enables the swirls to stand out dynamically without adding any actual texture to the ceiling.

Jessica was thrilled with the result, and I enjoyed just looking at the finished result, watching the pattern change as I walked around the room!