Portrait Pencil Drawing

Most of my commissioned art work is done as oil paintings, so it was a fun change of pace to do this pencil drawing portrait for my client Jules!

To celebrate a good friend's birthday, Jules wanted to surprise her with the perfect gift .  After considering different options, Jules decided to really make the present special by having it custom-made, so she reached out to me to create art as the gift!

Knowing how much her friend Allison loves her dog, Jules decided to have me capture this in a portrait of her Allison with her dog.  To accomplish a cleaner, simpler look, she opted to have me do a pencil drawing instead of a full-blown oil painting.

When I delivered the drawing, Jules was thrilled -- but most importantly, Jules shared that Allison had received it and absolutely "LOVED" it!!

Below is the picture I worked from and my final drawing

Jules 1.jpg