Dedham Public Library Mural of Quotes

The most recent of my mural painting projects with the Dedham Public Library was this mural of quotes!

As we started discussing this project, the original direction was loose.  The library team knew they wanted inspirational quotes on this particular wall, but from there we needed to collaborate on how to get it done.

To start, I suggested the team work together to come up with quotes, with the guideline to look at relatively short quotes.  I wanted to keep them short to give flexibility to make a more interesting design – but I also wanted to keep each quote brief to insure people would read them!

Once the library team had compiled a list of (fantastic!) quotes to work with, I went on to come up with a concept layout.  For the colors, I knew I definitely wanted to use some of the same blues and greens in my circuit board mural (which is in the same space), but I also wanted to pull in red and grey tones that are used in the room adjacent to this wall.

To keep the mural visually interesting, I chose to use 3 different fonts with different sizes – and then I worked up a layout to keep the look of the completed wall balanced.  I also needed to keep in mind the need to work around the fire alarm and step-down at the ceiling!

Once the team was able to review and approve my concept, it was on to painting the mural.

Below is a picture of the mural and also a long-view shot to show the quotes mural together with the circuit board mural.