Mural Panel of Pets!

So, how do you take the word “loyalty” and combine it with images of 9 dogs and 2 horses to create a clean, bold mural panel? That is exactly the (fun!) challenge I was recently presented with!!

Working with artist agent Linda Sbrogna of Sbrogna’s Artistic Promotions, I went to visit my past client Debbie Seaman at Seaman Engineering in Millbury, MA.  For those who have been following my blog for a while, you may remember the collage mural panels I did using elements representing Seaman’s business of engineering for HVAC, plumbing and fire protection services.  Their business has since moved, and they are now in a fantastic new space that is a converted mill, with high ceilings and exposed brick and concrete.  My previous pieces are up in the new space and go perfectly in their conference room and work area.

As Debbie toured me and Linda through the office, we stopped and talked for a while in a room they set aside as an employee kitchen and lounge with clean light gray walls, modern black tables and industrial steel chairs. Here, Debbie talked about how she wanted something special for this employee space, but she was not sure exactly what.  I suggested working with simple, clean designs in grays, white and black to go with the look of the room and keep with basic design ideas of the other mural panels.

With that, Debbie quickly came up with the idea of using this design concept to represent the pets of her employees.  The team at Seaman has been together for a long time, and Debbie loved the idea of honoring her employee’s loyalty by bringing images of the pets they love into their lounge space.  As we talked through the idea, Debbie also liked the idea of integrating the word “loyalty” to play off of her employee’s loyalty to the company, the company’s loyalty to the employees – and of course the loyalty of the pets!  We settled on a size of 3 feet high by 4 feet wide on a panel to give them flexibility with hanging (and potentially moving!) it.

With this idea rolling, Debbie had each employee send her pictures of their pets for the special surprise.  As the pictures rolled in, I put together a scale design (below) and brought it up to Seaman for Debbie to review.  Debbie loved the design, but to be sure everyone was happy with how their pets looked – we also took the design around the shop for everyone to see – and happily, the whole group was pleased!

The initial concept "sketch"

The initial concept "sketch"

Once I knew we were on the right path, I was on to painting the final panel.  I use the design as my basic guide, but with the larger scale, I can also add a little more detail.  This was also a great opportunity to update one of the dogs with a better picture.

Below is a picture of the final 3’x4’ panel. It was a pleasure to work again with Debbie and the Seaman team as well as Linda Sbrogna – and best of all, the entire team at Seaman is thrilled with the final result! 



The final mural panel

The final mural panel