Pencil Drawing Portrait

Most of the work I do- whether a mural, decorative finish or commissioned portrait tends to be done with paint – so it was fun to do this recent project in pencil!

I met my client John while on another job doing a specialty paint finish on some cabinets.  When John learned that I did portraits, he instantly got the idea to have me create a gift for his wife. 

John’s wife had a special relationship with her grandparents, but there unfortunately were not enough pictures of them for her to have one.  Knowing this, and knowing that his wife loves pencil drawings – John asked me to do a pencil drawing of the grandparents as a special gift for his wife. 

To make this happen, John was able to covertly get me a photo to work from.  With this in hand, I was on to doing the drawing.  Below is the photograph I worked from:

Hauptman parents cropped.jpg

John was thrilled when I delivered the drawing (below), and is excited to give it to his wife!

Hauptman drawing lores.jpg