Painting a Mural of a Purple Pineapple

One of the things that is most enjoyable about mural painting is the diversity of things I get to create!   A great example of this is a recent mural I did of a purple pineapple on an oven backsplash for clients who are renovating their kitchen. 

Upping the difficulty level, the pineapple was replacing a previous mural and was painted on granite!  The up-side of granite is that paint does not stick well, so removing the old mural just required soapy water and a little bit of elbow grease.  The down-side, of course, is the fact that paint doesn’t stick well to granite – which also applied to my new mural!

The first step to address adhesion was to make sure I had the granite clean of all dirt and grease.  With this addressed, my next step was to paint a base coat in the shape of the pineapple using a special bonding primer (I like to use a product called Stix) that sticks to just about anything – thankfully including granite. 

The next challenge was doing the drawing on granite.  When I do murals, I create a concept drawing and/or painting in advance to make sure my design matches up with what my client wants.  Once I have approval on the concept, I photograph it and then project this image on the final surface so my mural exactly matches what the client wants and has approved.  In this case, though, I discovered that you can’t see an image projected on dark granite!!

My solution here was to tape up a large sheet of poster-board and project the image at the final size on to the board.  I could then map the outline of the pineapple on the board and cut out a template I could use as a stencil to lay down the primer.  This worked perfectly! Once I had the shape of the pineapple painted in primer, I could then draw in the details on the dried primer coat to get ready for the final painting. Below is a picture of the primer stage.

soutboro pineapple primer.jpg

With all of this done – I was on to the fun part of painting the pineapple!  Since the mural is just the pineapple, I decided to maximize the impact by doing a realistic and detailed painting using acrylic paints.

 And here is the purple pineapple on granite! 

Southboro pineapple blog size.jpg