Bamboo Bathroom Mural

Sometimes my mural clients have a specific idea of what they would like me to paint – but other times coming up with the idea is all part of the mural creation process!

This was the case with my recent client Lauren in Providence.  She was re-doing her bathroom and she knew she wanted something special on the walls to give it a soothing, outdoors feel.  Lauren liked the very light (almost white), grayish/greenish color that was already on the walls and the ceiling, and she wanted my mural to go with this color as well as the light tile floors, the driftwood color on the vanity and the cool grey/green around the mirror.

Beyond this, I had a clean slate!  As we tossed around ideas, the first thing we pinned down was that the mural design should be relatively simple and clean, without too much detail or overwhelming color.  Lauren also has a green thumb and she had plants in the room, giving the space a warm, tropical, oasis-like feel.  Working with this, I suggested the bamboo forest idea – keeping the design simple and using just cool, soothing greens that tied in with the plants and the mirror.  Bringing the bamboo leaves up on to the ceiling would also help enhance the “outdoor” feeling.  Lauren liked the idea and I was on to the design stage!

As always, I did a scale painting of the mural design and sent it to Lauren for approval.  She liked it exactly as I designed it – so I was on to painting the final piece!  I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath and Spa paint to make sure it would hold up to the moisture of the bathroom, in colors “Woodland Green” and “Herb Bouquet”.  See the final result below.

 Lauren is thrilled to have this special touch to her “oasis” bathroom!




Bamboo bath final web.jpg